Success Stories



In her short time here, it is evident that Cecy has impacted many student lives. At our last student meeting
(and the few before), she was acknowledged by various students for her advisory skills in the job search process.
One student praised Cecy for helping her to prepare for her upcoming job interview, giving her added confidence
and energy. At the same meeting, Cecy also shared and reviewed an article with our students on the perception
of Age Discrimination in relation to job searching and how to create a paradigm shift to work around it and get the
job. Excellent presentation and very well received by all! Thank you, Cecy!!!

We are so proud to have you as a member of our team – Career Services


Mikki S (Online Student)

Each day I look for ways to encourage our students that are dealing with setbacks and hardships. Many of
them find it hard to concentrate on their courses because the rent is due and they don’t know where the
money will come from. My advice is to stay positive. I’ve always believed that if you stay positive and engage
yourself in positive things, positive things will happen for you. All of our students have one thing in common.
They are ready for a change. Some students take control and put everything they can muster to ensure that

I want to introduce you to Mikki S. She’s been a model student with fantastic
grades (4.0 GPA). Mikki has gone the “extra mile” to get the most of our program. Her attendance is perfect
(0 days absent). She utilizes the chapter quizzes and production labs to gain better understanding of her
completed courses. She’s now volunteering at a Cancer Center to prepare herself for her
next opportunity. It’s a pleasure to work with a student that is so enthusiastic and positive about everything
she does.

I feel that our success stories are worth bragging about and I just wanted to introduce everyone to the
“Outstanding” student we have. – Tolliver Miller-Academic Instructor

Thank you, Tolliver, for introducing us to Mikki and for your incredibly positive attitude
and compassion. You are an inspiration to all of us!!!!


Change Your Life, Then Help Change Others’

Career College Graduates

Meet Espi and Gina. Once upon a time, both of them were stuck at a crossroads in life, needing to update their employment skills in order to be able to improve the quality of life for themselves and for their families.

Both Gina and Espi chose Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers’ administrative training program to further their careers.

Today, these two wonderful ladies are using their knowledge, experience and skills to help others just like them succeed.

Espi, who is currently an Appointment Setter for prospective students, and Gina, a Workforce Assistant, are both incredible success stories working at our Kendall, FL Campus.

We’re all so proud of you both!

Newfound Friends and Fellow Classmates

Kendall Career Training

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers is so much more than a school, it’s a place where people forge long-lasting relationships with the staff and fellow students. Pictured here are two such examples, Kendall students Monica M. and Jenny M., Newfound Friends and Fellow Classmates!

Students Monica, Olga, Cecilia with Virginia from Student Services

Student Services Representative

Who are these wonderful ladies, I wonder? Why, it’s three of our awesome Kendall students, Monica, Olga and Cecilia, all smiles, with our Student Services Representative, Virginia!

Give Me an S! Give Me a C!

Office Professional Graduate

One of our Workforce Assistants, Gina M., showing off her school pride!

Not only is Gina a valuable staff member here at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers, but she is also a graduate of our Office Professional Training Program. Thanks for being a part of our team, Gina!

Meet the Staff – Angel L., Career Services Manager

Career Services Manager

Meet Angel L, Career Services Manager for Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers’ Kendall Campus.

Angel is a graduate from our school and has been part of the wonderful team of staff members for the past 14 years!

His mission is to provide excellent job search assistance to both our students and graduates. Thank you, Angel, for all that you do. You truly are our students’ “wingless Angel!”

October Birthdays

October Birthdays

Birthdays are a really big deal here at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers!

Happy Birthday to our “October” group seen here: Students Erodita S. and Telecila Z. along with campus Director Janet G.

SC Graduate and Liberty National Employee Martin M. Shares His SC Experience

Career College Graduate

Martin, a graduate from Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers’ North Miami Campus, is currently working at Liberty National Insurance Company.

Martin and his Supervisor came to the school to do a Presentation for our students. Prior to starting the presentation, Martin took the time to share with the students his experience as a student here.

Martin told everyone that when he enrolled, he didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. He encouraged the students to come to school every day and stressed how important it is to never give up and always make the most of their experience – both in their training and career search.

Thank you Martin for sharing your positive energy and experience with us!

Meet Sullivan and Cogliano Student April A.

Medical Office Assistant Student

Today, we are meeting with April A., currently attending Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers

SC: What prompted you to seek out education?
April: I was looking to expand my medical experience and learn what was new in the medical industry.

SC: What were the top three reasons why you enrolled in Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers?
April: I wanted to continue my education , I was interested in starting a new career and I had always enjoyed the medical field.

SC: What are you most enjoying about your educational experience?
April: The experience of learning new techniques and meeting new and interesting people.

SC: What advice would you give to someone thinking about enrolling into school in order to increase their career marketability?
April: Nowadays a person needs a higher education to be able to survive in this economy, I would advise them to seek higher education in whatever field they are interested in.

SC: When you are not in school, how do you like to spend your free time?
April: I enjoy going on Facebook and connecting with friends and I also enjoy playing different games, such as Pet Saga Rescue

Good to luck to you, April!